The Earth called, and we said "Hello"!

VANYYA is the brainchild of a passionate few willing to do anything to protect the environment. Saving the environment and the dying arts often led to the question 'How?', both being very different branches!


We faced confusion, we panicked, but the stubborn in us made us think. Amidst numerous ideas, one great idea struck us! 


VOILA! VANYYA came to life! 


Did you know VANYYA means 'gracious gift of God' in Hebrew and 'beautiful' in high elvish? Well, we thought a little bit of nerd never hurt anyone. 


VANYYA's purpose is more than just bringing that gift of love to your doorstep. It is about bringing about a much needed awareness amongst the masses regarding the little things we do that have significant impacts, which are mostly negative, on the Earth, ecologically and economically. 


A sustainable lifestyle is a difficult path to walk on, with our easy and fast-paced life and a 'use and throw' attitude. However, Team VANYYA took it up as a challenge to win over the hearts of many with information and art.


With rich cultures prevalent all across our globe, VANYYA decided to bring the lost arts and artisans to the forefront while talking about environmental issues that were the burning topics of the century. These arts stand for the beauty we under-appreciate every day. We are inspired from centuries of art forms across geography and aspire to depict them in our everyday lifestyle. These arts show how our life can be sustainable yet exquisite if only we respect our resources enough to work together as a humble and gracious community. VANYYA lets you picture how sustainability and economy can go hand in hand. 


VANYYA stands for the idea, 'Our life in itself is a beautiful gift of nature which is to be graciously accepted with humility and cherished until our last breath.'


VANYYA's belief is simple: Think, buy, love, know, recycle.




MON - FRI - 9:00 AM TO 6:00 PM (IST)


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