The Clean Clothes Campaign: Do You Know About Them?

The Clean Clothes Campaign is an international network of NGOs, unions, feminist organizations and consumers, which have been working for over 30 years to improve the living and working conditions of people working in the global garment industry.

Present in 17 European countries, Clean Clothes Campaign is a network of over 250 entities that pressures and calls consumers to action to demand the labor rights of women workers in the textile industry.

What the Organization Does:

  • Carries out investigations to reveal the companies that violate human rights.

  • Pressurizes companies and governments to take responsibility and ensure that they manufacture their products under decent working conditions.

  • Denounces the violations of labor rights that the textile workers themselves refer to us.

  • Raises awareness and mobilize consumers, taking advantage of our power in the consumer chain.

Sources for the Clothes:

Most of the clothes we wear get made on the other side of the world. Behind each seam hides two realities sewn by the same thread: the labor exploitation of textile workers and the consumption of clothing.

Cheap clothes, at whose expense?
  • Meager Wages.

  • Long working hours up to 18 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • Insecurity in factories: In 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed and killed 1,138 people. It was not the first disaster, nor was it the last.

  • Unhealthy work practices: Chemicals used in dyes and laundry and poorly ventilated spaces endanger the health of workers and the environment.

  • Union repression: In many producing countries, governments prohibit independent unions as well as collective bargaining. Union members experience intimidation, layoffs and often physical violence.

  • All because of the production demands of a consumerist and capitalist market. 

| Fast, pretty and cheap |

Cleaning of injustice? What are the Actions taken so far?

Women garment industry workers, who make up almost 80% of the labor force in producing countries, fight for their rights by joining unions or labor rights organizations to achieve better wages and working conditions. And it is in our hands to support this fight as consumers of the clothes they sew.

With the support of many people, the international Clean Clothes Campaign network, together with the factory workers, have achieved significant achievements during these last 30 years to improve the lives of people who sew our clothes.

Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord: Following the collapse of the Rana Plaza building and continuing building international pressure on fashion brands, 220 clothing companies signed this legally binding safety agreement, which includes rigorous factory inspections. Implementing this agreement led to stringent regulations reducing the number of deaths caused because of infrastructural damage, unhygienic practices and more. Such stringent regulations required the companies to comply with inspections, renovate existing structures and ensure good safety measures.

In 2017, the European Parliament approved the report on the “Union Emblematic Initiative in the Clothing Sector” to legislate and monitor respect for human rights throughout the supply chain of the clothing and footwear industries.

Do you dare to clean the clothes?

The Clean Clothes Campaign spreads all over the world, with the complicity and involvement of dozens of organizations and thousands of consumers. Their relentless work has helped to build the ultimate balance where the makers of the garments can be assured proper safety and can work in considerable comfort with a good livelihood, ensuring sustainable options for them. So every time you buy something, ask yourself where these clothes are made, who makes them and whether what you wear is untainted. Because, you will be surprised to know that the fast and cheap fashion that resides in most closets are made with the sweat and blood of those who are underprivileged and commercially enslaved! Make your choice today - Go clean with sustainable brands like VANYYA.

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