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Sustainable fashion is a process and movement to foster specific change to the fashion products towards greater social justice as well as ecological integrity. So organic fashion is more than just addressing fashion products or textiles. It is a complete system of fashion directed by sustainable clothing. Sustainable fashion is a sort of approach towards manufacturing, sourcing as well as designing products in a manner which contributes to benefit both the industry and the society. At the same time, these organic and sustainable ethical wear aim to have minimal impact on the environment. 

How Maheshwari Silk Sarees Contributes To Sustainability?

Maheshwari silk saree is known to be trendy, environmentally friendly, and sustainable dresses currently. Not only in India, but it also has high demands on the international markets. 

Maheshwari silk sarees were originally made from pure silk. However, over years, weavers have experimented with different weaves and blends like cotton and silk. These are presently available in pure silk, pure cotton as well as a blend of cotton and silk. In Maheshwari blends, the silk yarn is present in the warp and the cotton is present in the weft of the weave.

In certain circumstances, weavers also use wool in Maheshwari sarees. However, this is considerably rare. The weavers ensure that all materials used to weave these sarees are sustainable. The raw materials, being the yarn and the dye are as toxic free as possible and does not harm the environment. These vibrant eco-friendly clothing contributes to both fashion and sustainability. 

The wow factor in maheshwari sarees is how lightweight these sarees are. The weave is extremely intricate and time-consuming. It is not only convenient to wear these sarees, but are also glamorous in its own way.

Vegetable dyes are widely used for preparing the threads for the creation of these gorgeous woven art. Previously, Maheshwari silk sarees were only made in darker shades such as black, maroon, red, green and purple. But nowadays, you can also find sarees in lighter and brighter shades too. While making these beautiful sarees, silver and gold threads are also used. Some of the most popular color that is used in Maheshwari silk sarees include Kaashi (light purple), Dhaani (green), Rani (deep pink), Aamrak (golden), Tapkeer (deep brown), Jaamla (purple), Gul Bakshi (magenta), Dalimbi (deep pink) and Angoori (grape green). Maheshwari art is an old art made for the royals and now glamorous for all your party needs. 

Comes in many forms

These sarees generally possess a plain body. But other varieties are also available where the body of the saree has checks, stripes or floral motifs of diverse types. Some of the varieties are considered to be extremely popular and are well known by various names. The example of plain Maheshwari silk sarees is the Baingani Chandrakala and the Chandrakala. Whereas, the Beli, the Chandratara as well as the Parbi, are considered examples of checked and striped ones. 

Special Features Of This Outstanding Artform

A unique feature of this Maheshwari saree is its reversible border. This border is specially designed in such a manner that both sides of the saree can be worn. Locally, it is called Bugdi. The cotton which is used in these sarees is from Coimbatore, South India, while the wool is imported from Australia. Also, the silk which is used in these sarees is usually from Bangalore. The raw material processing is done in Kolkata, and the women of Maheshwar are involved in weaving these sarees. VANYYA stores a variety of sustainable fashion products for you. Drop in and check out the latest collections. 

VANYYA always focuses on delivering sustainable and eco-friendly clothing options to you. Not only that, but VANYYA also brings fun, quirky stories about sustainable fashion. 

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