Being Fashionably Responsible

Every time we buy a product at any store, we mechanically choose the products on the basis of the colour, the fit, the style and we return when we finally find something worth returning to. But never once do we ask whether we are being responsible buyers. It is not nice to have a lingering thought that may be we could have purchased our stuff from places which did not involve any human rights violations or environmentally harmful activities. It is time to make a small change in our habits by taking responsibility for our every movement.

The fashion industry is a constantly evolving aspect of the world’s economy. The fast paced fashion trends dictates high consumer demand. Companies churn out time specific fashion items at a high speed to make them available at stores before a new trend hits the street. It does make the consumers happy momentarily while causing grave and irreversible harm to the environment. These fashion storms dictate our every purchase and often pushes us to make irresponsible choices by purchasing mass-produced products. In the end, we are all buying the same products, an uniform and making our way towards an apocalypse. That is where the beauty of old traditional pieces come into the conversation.

The wonder associated with traditional pieces or handicrafts is their uniqueness. We cannot forget the feel-good aspect in it. Thinking about how all measures possible were taken to ensure that the environment was not harmed and if at all it was harmed, that all steps were taken to reverse that harm ensures a sense of responsibility. Today the phrase “go green” is thrown around without grasping the whole value of the phrase in totality. It is time we educate ourselves as to what are the perils that our environment faces from the fashion industry, and maybe, with all our combined efforts, we can help reverse the impact.

Little trivia for you:

Did you know that over 80 billion clothing items are bought each year? These items are used a few times and thrown out to add more to the landfills scarring our planet’s surface.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluter in the world after the oil industry? This industry emits 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas.

Did you know that synthetic products, when made, release N2O (Nitrous oxide), which is 300 times more potent that carbon dioxide. Also, these products are not renewable and take 20-200 years to degrade, choking the Earth in the process.

It is time we bring about awareness on the perils of fast fashion. We collaborate with the artisans and educate them from a grassroot level, providing them organically grown raw material, fusing their creation and projecting them on a green canvas. We aim to provide detailed history behind every product we sell on Vanyya. You can be responsible a responsible buyer today. Why wait for a tomorrow?





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