Are you aware of these Sustainable Fashion Terms?

Sustainable fashion is not just a buzzword for today’s generation. It is a choice, a lifestyle choice that many follow to have a green environment. Capsule wardrobes, eco-fashion, minimalism, go local are a few terms that we often hear while researching on Sustainable fashion. Well, today we are here to help you clear some confusions on sustainable fashion terms. Fashion Revolution Weeks, Plastic Free Campaigns, Clean Clothes Campaign and many such campaigns often use these terms.

So let’s begin with 10 sustainable terminologies that accurately describe the best about the entire gamut of such buzzwords used in our new age fashion. 

Circular Fashion

As stated correctly, this modern term “Circular Fashion” typically originated to float gently in the fashion industry since 2014 which largely believed in the circular economy and sustainable fashion online. It genuinely concerns the complex life cycle of a specific product. Like, sourcing, carefully designing, sustainable transportation, direct marketing, proper storage keeping in mind the shelf life of a product and how such product can be repurposed and reused till it is finally ready for decomposition and for its return to the biosphere in its raw and original form. 

Ethical Fashion

The practical term ‘Ethical Fashion’ talks about the manufacturing aspect where the working circumstances are of much concern for the local labourers. Therefore, focus on the environmental impact such as animal rights, human interests and its considerable influence on the conducive environment while promoting online sustainable clothing makes for ‘Ethical Fashion’.

Fast Fashion

To merely stay in fashion, one would likely invest erratically in such mass-producing, cheaply made stuff which is available at the vicious snap or a quick irresponsible of the consumer’s fingers. It instantly gives a capital raise into toxic produce intimately involving both the human and essential resources resulting in excessive quantity over undesirable quality. This quality does not only mean the quality of the products, it also means the quality of the life of the workers making such products. Imagine wearing pesticide ridden cloth stitched by the bloodied finders of the underpaid workers. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Take this opportunity to ditch fast fashion and subscribe to slow fashion brands like VANYYA.


This concept advocates false branding and marketing regarding the sustainability of a developed product, which in a certain way intentionally aims to mislead a potential customer by holding a green facade before their eyes. At this pivotal moment in prime time, there is a gradual growth in demand and a proportional rise in desire for profits with every brief day. When a willing buyer is precisely in an extensive search of eco-friendly products to support imperishable goods, they are often incorrectly led to a cruel hoax by false branding and marketing. To boost personal profits, brands often adopt corrupt practices such as destructive methods to elevate merchandising of their defective commodities with misleading information regarding the source, the raw materials, the production process of the products and so on and so forth.


Although earlier mostly associated with the organic food industry, the fashion industry was quick to adhere to the specific term. Soon this led to certain brands adapting practices to prevent the extensive use of corrosive chemicals and hazardous pesticides. Further, these brands also ensured there was sufficient engagement to reduce the social impact both on direct sellers and willing buyers and brands that promote fashion and sustainability.

Slow Fashion

This term is opposite of Fast Fashion. Obviously! Slow Fashion means the kind of fashion and fashion houses that sincerely believe in upholding originality and ethical clothing. In following trends the fashion industry very well ignored economic production and how sustainable are the products. Slow fashion is the option when it comes to exceptional longevity and proper treatment of our planet.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion fervently believes in ecological integrity and social injustice while adequately addressing fashion textiles and organic products. A process that tries to achieve an ecological balance between manufacturing clothes and also being safe towards ethical nature. Sustainable clothing prioritises the exceptional longevity of the gorgeous apparels and also works towards recycling of the same.


Traceability largely concerns the supply chains from start to end so they can be traced back to every bit of a product. Such steps are but consciously taken to ensure the violation of the rights leading in the making of eco-friendly clothing.


Well, transparency navigates buyers by giving out all the potential information regarding the products before purchasing which invariably proceeds to fair trade clothing. The information given out under the heading of ‘transparency’ can be as wide as the brands choose to make. The more transparent a brand is, the higher the reliability.


It looks forward to protecting animals’ rights hence avert making use of leather, silk, wool and more. It ensures they use no hidden animal piece in the making of clothes or accessories, and it is completely environmentally friendly.

“Sustainable Fashion is not a trend but the future”

Finally, we want to highlight that the sustainable clothing in the Indian market is not new. It existed ever since Mahatma Gandhi marched towards Swadeshi and encouraged people to go local with their buys.

The purpose of the blog is to raise awareness among people. A conscious try to enlighten our audience about a few basic terms that relate to Sustainable fashion. Brands are more into looking and promoting ethical shopping online to lead fair trade clothing. 

VANYYA, a made to order brand, talks about pushing the envelope further by properly using organic fabrics in products. We genuinely believe in modern techniques, meticulously maintaining the ecological impact and ostensibly promoting ethical and organic fashion. We believe is minimising waste with our made-to-order policy so that nothing is left to fill the already brimming landfill. 

You can check more such interesting reads by browsing through our website.

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