A little something on Gourmet Fashion!

The understanding of the recent practice of turning food into textiles or fabrics comes from a very scientific perspective. However, we are not here to go in-depth about the different scientific benefits of such practices but rather make an effort to offer the readers an interesting viewpoint of how food items can surprisingly be turned into trendy dresses for gourmet fashion. 

The fashion world was wildly stirred with Lady Gaga wearing the meat dress while walking the red carpet a few years back. This event gave rise to much controversy in and around the glam world. However, recent discoveries and innovations in the world of gourmet fashion have proven the fact that food items are actually of great importance for the sustainable path of fashion. Here we have come up with some of the most notable dresses that have come from different food items, fruits and vegetables as such.

Speaking of such new innovations, it will be wise to mention that some of the food items here are already in the process of or have been turned into fabrics and subsequently, clothes. Banana, pineapple, corn, orange, all these are widely used for making clothes. Primarily the waste products from these food items are utilized being products which are entirely eco-friendly in every way. The first one that comes up on the list is fruit leather.

Fruit Leather makes its way to green fashion

Where the demand for leather products is rising day by day, it has become a real challenge for the companies to cater to the requirement. At the same time, animal slaughter for the sake of leather is something that everybody is inclined to and should stop. Fruit leather is a real solution to this paradox. Companies are bringing out alternative leather products that offer the best quality along with the peace of mind that no animal had to die for it.

A sustainable twist through food waste

Recently pineapple leaves are on their way to set fashion goals. High fashion brands recycle pineapple leaves and cornstarch  to make pineapple leather which are then turned into products like shoes. The sustainable properties are slowly making the pineapple leaf fiber a favourite among sustainable brands.

We already read articles on plastics being recycled to sustainable materials, little did we know tree products like pineapple are highly recognised to create fashion products. Well, out of something as small as a tree nut, you get one of the most effective products to hold your garment in shape, Buttons! Yes you read that right, many luxury brands are creating buttons with the help of tree nuts.

A new path for the Fashion World

In the world of Sustainable fashion recycling, waste products are of great importance. This is why so many companies around the world have come up with considerable endeavours to use waste products for their manufacturing. The citrus silk or the stalks made out of banana are also examples of innovation. Surely such new practices are worth a lot of importance.

Much discussion has been made about these new ventures into the fashion world. As far as the fashion critics are concerned, some are against it while a significant part supports the idea. But the ground rule is  that if you get consumers, it will be apparent that they are welcoming such trends and advocating such practices as well. Therefore it is only a matter of time before a large part of the fashion industry starts to turn their eyes towards gourmet fashion and start experimenting too.

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